Neckline Guide for Elegant Evening Dresses

Published: 03rd October 2011
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It is not everyday that women shop for evening elegant dresses and because of this some may not be familiar with different styles and cuts. One consideration when buying evening elegant dresses is the neckline. There are a lot of different styles suitable for different body types. Since this is the part closest to your face, choosing the right neckline to highlight your beauty can spell all the difference. To find out which one is best for you, check out some of these basic neckline styles for evening elegant dresses.

The V-Neck – this is one of the most popular styles, the neckline dips down like a V in front and sometimes back of the dress. The V-neck varies in length revealing the décolletage; some can even go as low as the navel. This cut elongates the neck and highlights collar bones. This classic style can flatter almost any body type although a bit of caution must me taken for women with bigger busts. A good fitting evening elegant dress ensures that things don’t pop out when you move.

The Strapless – this is another classic that looks very good on busty women. It instantly makes you look all dressed up. The strapless gown highlights the shoulders and collarbones. This can either be a straight line evening dress or a sweetheart cut that looks like the top part of a heart. The sweetheart strapless neckline is best for women with fuller bust area.

The Halter – this neckline often has straps that go around the back of the neck, sometimes it also has a high neckline but deeper armholes. This particular style looks best on women with broad shoulders. Halter evening elegant dresses accentuate the neck, arms and shoulders. This is also a good choice for women who are heavier on top since the straps give added support.

The One-Shoulder – the asymmetrical style of this neckline gives an instant edge to whoever is wearing it. The neckline cuts diagonally across the torso from one shoulder to the other arm. This works for almost every type of body and is a Hollywood red carpet staple.

The Scoop Neck – This timeless U shape cut works best for everyone and comes in low or high-cut. This is especially enhancing for people with defined chin, narrow shoulders and big busts.

When it comes to evening wear, the neckline often defines the style of the gown. The next time you shop for elegant evening dresses consider these design classics when making your purchase.

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